Leading Team


Eitan Ben Itzhak Klutch:CEO

Twelve years of experience of professional work with individuals with mental health disabilities, including: managing, training, coaching, and coordinating various services. Eitan's E-HEALTH experience developed his solving problem skills.

In 2005, while completing his M.A Degree, he developed a new internet rehabilitation program for individuals who deal with mental health disabilities called Listeners. The Israeli government sponsored the program. In 2008 he founded a company that creates an internet rehabilitation project that deals with social, vocational and educational rehabilitation for individuals and groups online.

Since 2008 Eitan has worked as a CEO at Makshivim Net and lecturing at International Mental Health conferences and universities (at: England, Finland, Denmark, Canada and more), about rehabilitation through the internet.  From 2010 to 2011: Consulted for rehabilitation staff at "Montage Support Services" in Canada for half a year in person and half a year through the internet.



Nirit Binyaminy: Professional manager

BA in Social Work from the University of Haifa. Graduated with M.A for Clinical Social Work stress and trauma at Tel Aviv University. As the professional manager at Makshivim Net, Nirit guides the team work and the policies leading professional society. Nirit has 6 years experience in psychiatric rehabilitation and reconstruction processes accompanied by a deal with mental handicap. She worked both in housing - a hostel for young people, assisted living care coordinator, and in employment. Nirit's experience include developing projects in the field of mental health rehabilitation, training and rehabilitation teams, and working with frames in Psychiatric Rehabilitation.



Liat Libling: Projects Manager

Since 2008, Liat has worked with the mental health population and other individuals coping with special needs, behavior problems, and more in all rehabilitation fields (social, group home, education, and vocational). Through the years she has gained professional knowledge regarding the management and rehabilitation tof individuals that require her services as an expert in the field.

Liat has been working for Makshivim Net since 2011, and in this time she took part in the development, creation and managment of several e-projects for Populations with Disabilities in all of ranges of life.Liat has pursuing a MPH (Master Public Health), Director of Health System rout and with that degree, she will have more qualifications and skills to extend the services provided today to other needed populations.


Liora Goldman: Employers Relationsions.

She has Bechlor of Sience degree at economics from  and has Master of Art Theraphy from Kingston University