Secure Net

Secure Net is Virtual support project for people with mental health disabilities living with stress and anxiety in war zones. (sponsored by JDC association) 

The Goal

The purpose of this program is to strengthen the sense of well-being and personal security among the those struggling with mental challenges in dangerous regions of the world.


The Target Population

Those dealing with a psychiatric disabilities who potentially are eligible for disability rehabilitation services according to Ministry of Health and Social Security criteria.

Those who can not use or want to use existing support networks.


The Characterization of the Project

The structure of this project uses an app and website for a social network and personal support.

It provides a virtual group chat moderator. The members of the project will be able to communicate between themselves independently through the website 24 hours a day, seven days a week.This support can give needed personal communication.

There can also be in-person group meetings. The Website / app containing and be used as a platform to:

• Chat between customers and the community.

• Chat with coordinators and / or other supports if necessary.

• To provide Information about rehabilitation services in the area.



For more information contact us. We are here at your help.

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